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Bhindi Jewelers Romantic Surprise

For the second TV commercial we did for Bhindi, they wanted to have a similar story, but tweaked to fit the Valentine’s and Wedding season timeframe. Jumping off the concept and story from the first commercial, we made this “sequel” to …


Bhindi Jewelers Family Surprise

Bhindi Jewelers approached us to do a 30 second TV commercial to run during the lead up to the holiday season. We pitched them several concepts, most of them telling a real human story with characters to showcase the effect of …

CrowdTorch Product Video Screengrab

Crowd Torch Product Video

CrowdTorch is a ticketing and audience management platform owned by Cvent, a publicly-traded event management company. The challenge for us was to highlight the many different facets of all the products CrowdTorch offers in a 3 minute video. After meeting with their team, it …

SBE ScreenGrab

SBE Testimonial for Crowd Torch

Often the best possible selling point for a company is a direct endorsement from an existing client. Testimonials are an extremely effective way for a potential client/customer to get a referral/recommendation. We produced this client testimonial for CrowdTorch to showcase their …

CleanButt Main

CleanButt Ad

Cleanbutt (yes, that’s their name…they make electric bidets…) approached us to make an internet-ad to play on YouTube, their website and other sites. In order to maximize the opportunities presented by potentially going “viral,” the video has to be short, provocative or …


Heavenly Curves Behind-the-Scenes

Heavenly Curves Lingerie recently launched their debut holiday line. They wanted to create a video for YouTube that was a fun, behind-the-scenes look at their holiday photo shoot, featuring the principals and models speaking about the product and brand.

Crowdtorch 30sec SCREENGRAB

30 Sec Ad for Crowd Torch

This is a 30-sec advertisement we did for CrowdTorch by Cvent for use as pre-roll advertisement on YouTube and other sites. They wanted to showcase the major aspects of their product in a quick and effective way.

WGA ScreenGrab

Downey Branded Short Film

We made this short film for Downy to showcase the “feel more comforted” aspect of their brand initiative to inspire people to “feel more.” They wanted to use fabric to tie the concept to their brand. The film was nominated …

If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.

Stanley Kubrick

Story About Us

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Who We Are

Content of Characters is an independent and privately-owned creative and production company that produces film and video.  With over 45 years of combined experience in media, production and entertainment, we’ve built a robust portfolio of talent to help us make the maximum possible impact on our audience.

Our company is a one-stop-shop for media creation, and our team takes an idea for a TV commercial, branded video or film and transforms it into vivid reality. We offer the full spectrum of digital video production services from concept to delivery — script-writing, storyboarding, casting, location services, principal photography, editing, original music soundtrack, sound design, color-timing, motion graphics, VFX and final delivery for TV/web commercials, corporate videos, feature films, short films, and music videos.

Content of Characters is dedicated to producing a diverse range of quality entertainment for today’s marketplace and to collaborating with like-minded partners to help bring their stories to audiences with the highest possible production values.

As storytellers, no matter the medium, our focus is always to ensure that every step is executed to serve the story – to make ideas fully-formed, to make characters well-developed, and to communicate the message clearly in order to leave a lasting impression on the target audience.



Examples of our work

Our Reel

Check out this compilation of images for a quick look at some of our recent work.


Anurag Mehta

Founder & Creative Director


Joon Shin

Co-Founder & Partner


Aalok Mehta

Producer / Composer

Our Services

What we really can provide


Planning / Ramp Up

The Story

In many respects, pre-production is the most important step in the entire process of making a great film or video. This is the foundation upon which the entire project will stand and be built. We will closely collaborate with you to define your message, identify your audience, and develop a concept. Taking the lead from you, our skilled professionals will create and utilize whatever tools necessary to make the blueprint that will carry us through the rest of the production — script, storyboards, pre-visualization, locations, production schedule, casting, budget, equipment rental — just to name a few.


On Set

The Shoot

Once we have the foundation and blueprint, its time to construct the video. Our experienced team will direct, produce and shoot what we have conceived in the pre-production phase. To maximize production value, we will put together the best crew and use the best possible equipment available to us, with respect to the budget. One of the keys to staying on budget is to make sure we capture everything we need in the allotted time. This requires careful coordination of everyone’s schedules, from the cast to the crew to the locations. It requires everyone to work together like a well-oiled machine, and we pride ourselves on our effectiveness and efficiency.


Finish and Deliver

The Edit

This is where it all comes together. We organize and edit the footage to create the final video. Depending on the budget, we can compose original music for the project or license and use existing music. We’ll also color-time the final edit to give it the perfect look, and we’ll do a sound mix to make sure everything sounds just right. Finally, we deliver the finished version in whatever format necessary.

TV / Web Spots

Television and web advertising needs to meet brand and broadcast standards that reach your target market. We’re here to partner with you in both, for high quality adverts.


Corporate Videos

Although the cost of shooting high quality video has come down, the amount of skill required to tell a compelling story has gone up. We have you covered from start to finish.


Custom Projects

If you’d like to produce a feature/short film; make a music video; or create a custom project that doesn’t fit into any particular box, we’re here to bring your vision to fruition.


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We’re always excited to explore ideas, hear about projects and meet other people to take their media to the next level.


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Check out our brand new website for more examples of our recent work -- contentofcharacters.com

About 4 years ago

Here's the holiday TV Spot we recently created for @BhindiJewelers -- youtu.be/vbbFDZAVCsw

About 4 years ago

So great working with @BhindiJewelers on their TV spots! Elegant brand, wonderful people, prestigious name in the jewelry biz.

About 4 years ago

Been busy secretly working on our new website...which is no longer a secret.

About 4 years ago

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